Basic Instincts Boston

Dog Walking

My dog sometimes has trust issues with adults and it takes her time to warm up to others; she warmed up to Jennifer right away and would not leave her side when she came to meet her. Glad we found a genuine, caring, and responsible person to take care of my Nena (little baby girl)!
— Jose

Best Part of The Day

A dogs walk is the best part of their day. Patriot, Ramsey and Bailey enjoy their 60 min group walk together. They get to explore different areas like the fells, bike paths and other local adventures. Walks are structured and leashed which help your dog be more intuned with their walk and recieve the optimal benefits a walk has to offer. A road to a more balanced and happy pooch is one walked with Basic Instincts Boston!


30 Min Solo $24

60 Min Solo $35

60 Min Group $29

Drop In Visit $19

Limited availability

 Discount: 5% off when you pay for the month in advance!

Regularly scheduled walks and visits qualify for a monthly discount. A minimum of 16 days must be paid for, which equates to about 4 walks/visits a week. If there are days canceled during the month that were prepaid for, than a credit will be given for the next month. However, if cancelations make you fall under the 16 day minimum, than all walks/visits will revert to full cost for that month.

We loved having Jen work with, and walk our dog, Layla. Jen was clearly confident and comfortable with dogs and had great suggestions about any issues we were having.
— Ellen
Jen has walked my two high energy dogs for the past few months and they immediately loved her and always seem well exercised when she comes. Jen is flexible with scheduling (even last minute!) which is perfect for my needs, and I love the picture updates- including a map my walk screenshot so you actually know your dog walker came!
— Morgan

Many dogs need more than what is traditionally done and here is why: Wolves, the ancestors to our beloved pets, travel up to 30 miles a day to hunt for food. Now our pups do not need 30 miles, but that instinct and drive to pursue and work is still ingrained into them. To have a happy and balanced pooch, we at Basic Instincts truly believe that dogs need not just play, but walks with no distractions and with a purpose. When a dog stops to sniff or free range their walk, they lose their sense of purpose in the walk and thus lose the exercise needed to work not just their bodies, but their minds as well. Dogs need focus during their walks to obtain the ultimate benefits. At the end of the walk, a reward of play and treats is used to mimic the end of the "hunt". Basic Instincts gets back to the primal needs of our fur-babies.