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Why you should choose basic instincts

Basic Instincts takes dog walking to the next level.

Many dogs need more than what is traditionally done and here is why: Wolves, the ancestors to our beloved pets, travel up to 30 miles a day to hunt for food. Now our pups do not need 30 miles, but that instinct and drive to pursue and work is still ingrained into them. To have a happy and balanced pooch, we at Basic Instincts truly believe that one must walk their dog not just once, but twice a day with no distractions and with a purpose. When a dog stops to sniff or free range their walk, they lose their sense of purpose in the walk and thus lose the exercise needed to work not just their bodies, but their minds as well. Dogs need focus during their walks to obtain the ultimate benefits. At the end of the walk, a reward of play and treats is used to mimic the end of the "hunt". Basic Instincts gets back to the primal needs of our fur-babies.

At Basic Instincts dog walking, we value the importance of our twice a day walk to receive the full health benefits that a dog needs. No other dog walking group offers this kind of experience for your pet along with basic walk options with simple pricing. Basic Instincts also offers affordable 60min and 30min walks, as well as 15min drop in visits. We are about remembering what the walk is for and what is truly needed to benefit your dog both body and mind. 

Check out our monthly package. Not only is it the cheapest for TWO 40min walks everyday Monday - Friday, but it is also the most beneficial option for your beloved pet. Monthly options are also available for the 60min and 30min walks, offering a huge savings. You receive quantity in exercise at an amazing monthly cost. No other dog walking business offers this kind of deal.


about jennifer

In her mid 20's, Jennifer took a leap of faith and decided to make her dream a reality. Jennifer went to school for law enforcement and graduated in 2012 with her Associates Degree. Jennifer always wanted to work with animals, and most importantly dogs. She had hopes of eventually becoming a K9 officer. Immediately after graduating, she was offered a job at the Franklin County Sheriffs Office as a correctional officer. After four years of service, she resigned and decided that she wanted to make her dreams of working with dogs come true now and not 15 years from now. In 2016 Jennifer started her first business walking dogs and pet sitting. Jennifer has a passion and love for animals of all kinds and enjoys photographing them during her free time. She has volunteered at the Franklin County Regional Dog Kennel and has worked at a veterinary office as well. Jennifer has always been around animals and grew up with three cats a dog. She has also rescued a beautiful and loving soul named Lucy.